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Today’s designs come from Becky Schneider, Reference Librarian & Webmaster at the Morse Institute Library. After adding an image carousel to her library’s website, Becky’s been brushing up on her self-taught graphic design skills.

Magazine of the Week AdvertisementHere’s Becky’s view on her design work:

I try to keep my designs minimal but still varied in look and feel. I work in GIMP[the GNU Image Manipulation Program]. My graphics and fonts are from the Open ClipArt Library and Open Font Library. I’ve learned so many good tips from The Non-Designer’s Design & Type Books by Robin Williams (not that Robin Williams).

I’m curious about how other small to medium-sized libraries divvy up design and publicity-related duties. I do graphic design for the web, staff do flyers for their own programs and displays, and our outreach person writes for external media. Signage, other than our primary locational signage, is a bit miscellaneous. If anyone wants to share their own experiences with managing publicity and design in the comments, I’d be interested.

How do you manage design and publicity in your own libraries?

For the original GIMP files of these slides, email Becky Schneider.