April and I make no secret of the fact that we are always on the hunt for design inspiration. Whether it be an interesting magazine ad, quirky product packaging, or sweet wrapping paper, no web or print graphic element escapes our notice. It’s no surprise then, that Pinterest is a never-ending blackhole for us. As a source of font, color, and style inspiration it’s unparalleled, and also a dangerous way to spend several hours in pursuit of the right idea for our next button/flyer/poster/display/etc.

We thought we’d take an opportunity to share our own Pinterest Design boards, along with a few recommendations for others to follow.

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My own design board is a mess of interesting layouts, eye-catching fonts, color palettes, and illustrations. There might be one aspect of a logo I really dig, or a color-combo I want to replicate one day. Either way it all ends up on this board. April’s approach is a bit different than mine:

APRIL: I have to say that I use Pinterest in a different way than Veronica does, a way that doesn’t seem to be about graphic design at all…but secretly, it inspires my designs. I fill my Pinterest boards almost exclusively with rooms and products that I want to consider while decorating my own home.  While my boards may mostly contain chairs, cabinets, and houseplants, they are also full of patterns, colors, and schemes that I enjoy and use in creating graphic designs.  Inspiration is everywhere, right?


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Inspiration is absolutely everywhere, but if you’re on Pinterest too, here are a few boards we love:

Boards We Follow

What are your favorite design-related Pinterest boards? Share in the comments! We’re always looking for new boards to follow.