I am happy to share a super fun submission, just in time for the end of the year sprint leading into finals.  Laura Sider of the Bass Library at Yale University sent us encouraging pull-tab flyers, explaining:

 I have a few standards I use semester to semester (like the school mascot) and then I try to create new ones that are a little trendier. I place them in high-traffic areas throughout the library (i.e., entrances and exits, by printers, on bathroom doors, in major study spaces). The hope is that these tabs will make students feel empowered or motivated or, at the very least, laugh. They’ve been extremely popular. We went through about 50 sheets in the first two days of exams, and a total of about 80-90 over the course of the week. The only cost is printing and the time putting them up and replacing them.

These were created in Excel and are available for you to use or modify on our Google Drive!  May you also find encouragement and inspiration as you slay all day.