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December 2012

Work-in-Progress: Library Logo

SMCM Library Logo AttemptAfter undergoing a redesign this summer, our library’s website continues to be in a state of flux. Our current header design is not my favorite and I’m trying to come up with a new logo and header design for the library’s website. The above image is my first attempt but I feel like the bird alone doesn’t convey “library.” (Note: Our college’s mascot is the seahawk, hence the water-bird outline). Any suggestions?

Email Veronica Arellano Douglas for the Photoshop file of the logo or the Illustrator file of the bird.

Circ Desk Sign for Kindles

Kindles are Here

We started a Kindle lending program this fall and used this sign to connect borrowers to our Kindle Libguide. It’s my first experiment with QR codes on library flyers and I’m curious to see if any of our students use it. For the Photoshop file, email Veronica Arellano Douglas.

Ask Us! Sign for the Reference Desk

Ask UsLike so many other libraries, we’ve jumped on the Springshare bandwagon. This sign sits at our reference desk to advertise the Ask Us widget on our library’s website that links users to LibAnswers and LibChat. For the Photoshop file, email Veronica Arellano Douglas.

Infographic: How Our Library Helps Faculty Publish

Library Infographic

This infographic was created by staff at the Research Medical Library at MD Anderson Cancer Center to demonstrate the library’s role in assisting faculty to publish their research. Infographics have to tell a story, and working out the narrative was certainly the hardest part of creating this. If you would like the Publisher format of this document, contact April Aultman Becker.

Web Feature Slide: WordPress Blog

Subscribe to our new blogLast one of these web slider graphics, I promise! It was difficult to graphically represent our library’s new blog, so I went with a screenshot with a WordPress logo overlay. A little boring, but I think it gets the job done! For the Photoshop file, email Veronica Arellano Douglas.

Web Feature Slide: Pinterest

We're on PinterestThis is another one of my feature slide creations for my library’s homepage. The backdrop is just a screenshot of one of our library’s more attractive Pinterest boards, with a semi-opaque layer above it for some contrast. Although there’s no exact match for the Pinterest logo font, Pacifico is a decent runner-up. For the Photoshop file, email Veronica Arellano Douglas.

Web Feature Slide: Twitter

Follow SMCMLibrary on TwitterMy library’s homepage has an announcement slider where we can feature new services, displays, or collections in our library. Each slide is up for about 6 seconds, so visual impact is important! This is part of a series of slides I created to advertise our presence on our different social media sites. For the Photoshop file of this slide, email Veronica Arellano Douglas.

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