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December 2012

Eye-catching eReader Display

eReader Petting Zoo sign eReader Types

Last spring our director purchased several different eReaders and a couple of iPads for the library. We weren’t sure what we were going to do with them at first, but we thought it might be fun to host an eReader Petting Zoo for the campus community. I created these two large posters, mounted them on foam board and set up a display with all of our devices at our circulation desk. We ended up getting a great response from students and faculty and now circulate Kindle eReaders to promote leisure reading.

This is actually a modified Word Newsletter template. For the original files, email Veronica Arellano Douglas.

Wednesday Meme Fun


From Gayatri Singh at the UC San Diego Library: Inspired by Teri Vogel, our chemistry librarian who used this image during an orientation, I made this sign (based on Lord of the Rings) for inside the library. We have a bunch of cement pillars that have sign holders on them. We usually post information about events and exhibits, but when it’s slow, we promote services.  [Memes are] somewhat topical, so you can’t keep them up forever.  And it’s fun to keep track of current trends and figure out how I can work them into library signage.

Contact Gayatri Singh for the original Publisher file, or create your own meme on Meme Generator!

Styling Open Access

Open Access TreeFrom Katie Fortney at UC Santa Cruz:

I find that people who don’t know much about scholarly communication find the different types of open access confusing and hard to keep separate. I’ve started using this diagram (created in PowerPoint) in my basic explanations. If anyone would like to take the basic information and make it more aesthetically pleasing, that would be fantastic.

Suggestions for design, comments and general advice are also welcome!

For the original PP slide, contact Katie Fortney. You can also see this diagram in one of its native habitats: the UC Santa Cruz Open Access Libguide.

Literature Search PowerPoint


This PowerPoint presentation was based on the 2010 PowerPoint demo that came with the new program.  I adapted the theme and added images and charts to illustrate how to begin a literature search.  I’ve only included my favorite slides here, but for the entire PowerPoint, email April Aultman Becker.

Calling Out


I love call-outs, but I guess you can tell that from this flyer.  I find that the mix of screenshots, graphics, and step-by-step text works well with students for database instruction.  For the Word document, email April Aultman Becker.

Twilight-Inspired Flyer


This flyer was to promote a special program for our scientists.  I made it during the height of Twilight fever, and though I’m not a Twi-hard myself, I was inspired by the simple, spooky look of the book covers.  For the Publisher doc, email April Aultman Becker

Pow! Bang! General Information!


A long, long time ago at a job far, far away, I made this general information sheet for community college students.  I wanted to make it as graphic as possible to catch their eyes, but with as little text as possible because I knew I wouldn’t have their attention for long.  For the Publisher file of this doc, email April Aultman Becker.

LibCal Bookmark


Are you using LibCal to book your study rooms?  It’s changed our lives around here.  This is the bookmark I created to promote our new self-booking system.  I’ve caught quite a few patrons around the library scanning the QR code with their smartphones to reserve a room.  Email April Aultman Becker if you would like the Publisher document.

General Information Sheet

general infoOur library was in need of a new information sheet, one that would reflect the changes in our logo, but also conform with our institution’s graphic standards.  This info sheet is the result of many, many revisions, and much input from our whole staff.  For the Publisher file or more information, email April Aultman Becker.

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