So many of the designs I create have a great Creative Commons licensed photo at their core. These are my favorite sources for CC licensed images:

Flicker Logo
Flickr’s Advanced Search gives you the option to only search for CC-licensed content on Flickr and limit that subsection of to only content that can be modified, adapted, or built-upon. This is my go-to for great photographs. The Flickr Commons is also a great source of archival photos with no known copyright restrictions. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to use it yet, but it’s nice to know that it’s available!


morgueFile is a total Librarian Design Share inspiration. Artists contribute images and photographs to the site which can be downloaded and remixed (with credit to the creator) by other artists. There’s also the morgueFile portfolio section, which includes some copyrighted photos, but also lots of cc-licensed work.


Fotopedia has some truly spectacular photos. They’re not all CC-licensed, but quite a few are available to download, reuse, and remix.

What are your favorite sources for images?