It’s that time of year y’all. We’re desperately holding on to our summers when we know that in just a few weeks we’ll be deep in orientations, classes, workshops, and meetings. The important thing is that we’re not there YET and we still have some time to get in some great design projects, like today’s submission.

Dan Vinson, Coordinator of User Services and Library Assessment at Mount Mary University recently created some simple, easy-to-read, and attractive signs for the Haggerty Library & Learning Commons stacks. They’ve totally inspired me to start a similar project at my own library.

Here’s Dan discussing his designs:

I have used to create many infographics to showcase library survey results. It’s free and easy to use. You can upload objects or images. You can download your creations as PDFs, and it’s easy to edit, save, and download again! Our small academic library has been trying to make the stacks easier to navigate over the past couple of years. I created a collection guide and map (which is also posted in the library itself) last year using a Lucid Chart free trial and then we wanted Dewey Decimal explanation signs more tailored to our unique majors, such as Fashion, Art Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. I tried Photoshop with a couple of free Dewey series I found, but realized I needed Illustrator or InDesign to do what I really wanted. No time for that, so I turned once again to! All icons are free and from Iconfinder. Free’s the word!

If you’re interested in learning more about Dan’s designs, or seeing the complete series, you can send him a friendly email.