It finally feels like autumn in Southern Maryland–a huge change from the summer heat–so this feels like a particularly appropriate post. When April and I started Librarian Design Share in 2012 we weren’t sure how people would respond. Like many things, it sounded like a great idea in our heads, but we wondered if other people would find it useful. Over 120 posts, thousands of visitors, and 3 years later, we like to think we’ve created a space where people working in libraries feel comfortable sharing, commenting and adapting library-related designs. We’re so thankful for your submissions, your shout-outs, and the all-around great vibes you bring to the site.

We want to keep Librarian Design Share going strong for another 3 years (at least!), and to do so, we’d love to keep featuring amazing reader-contributed designs. The past few years have meant some professional changes for the two of us, and we now find ourselves in positions that leave us with less time for graphic design and require more of our efforts in other areas. You’ll likely see fewer designs created by April and me featured on Librarian Design Share, BUT we are always interested in receiving YOUR SUBMISSIONS. We have so much to learn from you and hope that we can help others learn from you as well.

Other changes on the horizon include a redesign of the site’s template that we hope will make designs easier to browse and locate. If you visit us in the next few weeks or so you’re likely to encounter some web wonkiness (yes, that is a technical term), but hang tight, it’s all a part of the redesign.

If you’d like to learn more about the creation of the site, you can read our recently published article in The Journal of Library Administration. We’re quite proud of it and hope it can be useful to others interested in graphic design and libraries (if you’d like a pre-pub authors copy of the article, just let us know).

Thanks for being such fantastic readers and contributors!

–Veronica & April