My love of Adobe Photoshop is well known at Librarian Design Share, as is April’s excitement over Microsoft Publisher. We all have our favorite design programs, and everyone from Canva-devotees to Illustrator users can agree that once you find software that works for you, it’s easy to stick with it. But sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to try a new design tool.

Today’s submission from Stephanie Espinoza, eLearning Librarian at the College of Southern Nevada, makes me think I haven’t been using PowerPoint to its full advantage. She’s used the standard Microsoft computing software to create everything from infographics to advertisements for her library.

CSN Library Poster

Here’s Stephanie discussing her designs:

While a slideshow software like Microsoft PowerPoint is not designed specifically for graphic arts, the familiarity of its features makes it easy to create a quick flyer and then convert it to a PDF for printing, e-mailing, or posting online. For our infographic, I set up a custom size slide in PowerPoint to create the elongated page.  After that, I added graphs using PowerPoint’s Insert Chart feature that allows for placing and editing data through Microsoft Excel. Free clipart and photos already taken at the library were included and given artistic effects to make the infographic more visual as well.  The therapy dog ad was also created in PowerPoint using photos I took at last semester’s event. Our community college library is always looking for creative ways to share our information, so we utilize any resource we can!

CSN Library Infographic

To learn more about Stephanie’s creative use of PowerPoint, send her an email.