I’m always blown away by the images in my library’s archives. Photos are such powerful links to the past and often make a huge statement on their own. Today’s submission, from Kim Garzia, Circulation Assistant at Jefferson College Library, is a flyer that uses a historical photograph to make a big impact.

Here’s Kim discussing her design:

Our library holds several informal events every year so quick, simple advertising is a must.  For this event I got a copy of an image the presenter is using in their talk and wanted to make it the main focus of the flyer.  Due to the nature of the event and the black and white image I felt color would be too glaring and opted for a monochromatic design.  I also tried to keep the information down to the basics so as not to clutter up the overall look of the design.  I use Microsoft Publisher for most of my designs.

The spotlight on the miner photograph is a great attention-grabber, and the simple font and clean layout make this an easily readable (and replicable) flyer. You can find the original Publisher file and the PDF version of this flyer in the Librarian Design Share Google Drive Flyer folder.