Today’s post is a throwback to Banned Books Week, the only holiday (celebration? event?) librarians seem to love as much as Halloween. Leigh-Ann Thornhill, Adjunct Librarian at the Los Banos Campus Library at Merced College, put together a fun display and contest to celebrate BBW. Here’s Leigh-Ann discussing her design:

At the beginning of the semester, I was asked if I would take on the task of putting together the display for Banned Books Week.   I started my planning with simple Google and Pinterest searches. With my background in Arts and Crafts, all of these ideas got the creative juices flowing. I ultimately decided on the JAIL as a visual symbol of what it means to ban books.  As a way to make the display somewhat interactive, I decided on a contest. I shredded an old copy of To Kill A Mockingbird and added some clues to make guessing a tad easier. It paid off. We had 18 people enter our contest.  From the feedback I received it was a successful display!

If you have questions for Leigh-Ann, send her a friendly email. We’d love to feature YOUR Banned Books Week displays (both physical and digital), so consider submitting!