There are so many different ways in which libraries offer reference and research assistance, but it can often be a challenge to make sure that the people in our communities know about them all. Alex Ferguson, Reference Assistant at the Texas Tech Law Library created an all-in-one advertisement for all of the library’s reference help services.

Here’s Alex discussing the sign:

I work at the Law School Library here at Texas Tech, and classes were about to start back up again for the fall semester.  We wanted some way to get the word out to the students and our patrons about the different ways they can contact us.  We have also recently started a new “Start Here” campaign which basically is exactly what it sounds like.  This poster is at the entrance of the library and lets everyone know to start here at the library.  I played around with different designs but we came to a consensus that this was the best one.  I decided to do a Tic-Tac-Toe design because each way to contact us is clearly separated from the rest, and it adds a little more depth to the picture.  Ultimately, I wanted something simple and easy to read, with a clear message.

This sign was made in Microsoft Publisher and was designed to inform patrons of the library about the different ways they could get in contact with a reference librarian.  This is a 36″ x 24″ poster that sits out in front of the circulation desk so it is the first thing that patrons see when they walk in.

You can download the original Publisher file of Alex’s sign on the Librarian Design Share Google Drive.