As we continue to make our way through finals week and the end of another academic semester, it’s clear that you are doing some amazing outreach work at your libraries. Earlier this week we shared the emerging trend of The Finals Fairy, a benevolent creature whose power lies in its ability to bring sugary snacks to stressed out students. A bit less magical, but just as effective, are libraries that seek to help take some of the stress out of the end of the semester with study break activities and research and writing help.

Ashley Chassé at the Boston College O’Neill Library did an amazing job promoting her library’s Anti-All-Nighter program with this lovely poster. Here’s Ashley discussing her design:

In an effort to bring down the stress level of students at Boston College while promoting the wonderful array of services and support systems we have, my boss worked with folks from the learning center and IT (all located in the library) to promote an all-night study session for all students. There was a dog named Joe who stole the show, snacks, meditation, and tutoring. All the students had to do was show up. Two days before the event I was asked to whip up a poster that would promote the event and had no restrictions on design. The messaging was already written out for me, I just had to “make it look good.” This was the result. The photoshop file is available on my website to download, and I added information on the fonts used and where I found the graphics.

Ashley’s graphics are from Medialoot’s free resources, and the fonts used include Mathilde and Return to Sender. You can download Ashley’s original Photoshop file from her website, which has more of her amazing designs.