Penn State University has created an game-changing resource for educators and students interested in creating high-quality videos: One Button Studio. This studio room + tech app set-up has been replicated at several colleges, universities, and libraries, including the University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library. Today’s post features One Button Studio instructional handouts/flyers by Randal Sean Harrison, Emerging Technologies Librarian at the Hesburgh Library. Created using Adobe Illustrator, Randal’s flyer design and accompanying LibGuide are extremely helpful to libraries and institutions building or contemplating a One Button Studio installation.

Here’s Randal discussing his designs:

For the flyer, I did everything with Illustrator CC, including the technical drawing/simple illustration of the actual studio kiosk. Note, however, the circles graphics in the top banner are the hallmark of the OBS app, and I used (and slightly modified) these images under fair use.

We use the flyer as a handout when we tell people about our library’s OBS. The link on the flyer points them to the LibGuide, of course, which has a virtual tour, allows them to book the space, provides a quick FAQ, offers a chance for feedback/suggestions and encourages users to take a survey.

I also think the OBS LibGuide has been fairly successful and is a strong candidate for LibGuide organization.

You can download the PDF version of this flyer, as well as the original Illustrator file for adaptation from the Librarian Design Share Google Drive. Designer’s Note: The fonts used in this flyer are Galaxie Polaris and Galaxie Polaris Condensed, which you’ll need to download to view/edit the Illustrator file as it currently appears. Additionally, all characters in this flyer come from Font Awesome, a free download of scalable vector icons (which I will be downloading immediately).