Last summer we featured a series of instructional materials by Randal Sean Harrison, Emerging Technologies Librarian at University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library on One Button Studio. If you haven’t had a chance to see them, I highly recommend checking out that original post. They are a great example of clear, concise instructions in a visual format.

Randal has an update to this series, with a new instructional handout on how to correct lip-sync issues in Adobe Premiere with Handbrake.

[This is a] redo of an instruction set for Handbrake I found that I thought we needed to improve, as the original didn’t cover processing more than a single file, the images were blurry (and now seem to be broken?), and it wouldn’t print with all images intact. I used this all the time with students who shoot video in our One Button Studio, so thought I’d reproduce it, but with improvements and in a location that would be stable.

You can download the PDF version of this flyer, as well as the original Adobe Illustrator file for adaptation from the Librarian Design Share Google Drive. Designer’s Note: The fonts used in this flyer are Galaxie Polaris and Galaxie Polaris Condensed, which you’ll need to download to view/edit the Illustrator file as it currently appears.