The Presidential Debates may be done, but we didn’t want to miss the chance the share this fun event advertisement from Erica Street, Instruction/Serials Librarian at the Jenks Library at Gordon College. Focusing on one primary design, Erica was then able to modify it to suit different mediums.

For the past three elections my library has partnered with a few other departments on campus to host a viewing event for the Presidential Debates. This year, I was asked to design the promotional materials for the event. Whenever we advertise something we usually do a combination of digital slides that display on monitors throughout the campus, printed posters, and of course all of our social media outlets (we use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).  I used Canva and started with the digital slide which became the basis for the social media ads. One of the great features of Canva for Work is the ability to quickly resize content to whatever you would like based on custom dimensions or their preset templates.  Once I had a design for the digital slide I was happy with, I resized it to work for our social media accounts. Often times for things like Twitter or email headers I will do a slight variation on the design because it is much wider and narrower, and usually my original design looks a little crowded (see below).

Twitter - Presidential Debate.png

I used the same design elements as the digital slide so patrons would connect the two different advertisements together, but modified it slightly to work for that media platform.  Pairing some of my favorite typefaces together – Sifonn and Glacial Indifference – this design came together relatively quickly with the wonderful help of Canva!