We’ve featured LibQUAL+ related infographics on Librarian Design Share before, and want to continue sharing examples of academic libraries that are making survey results public. Transparency is important, and the more we share what we do and how our users perceive our spaces, collections, and services, the more opportunity we have to make improvements.

Today’s LibQual+ infographic is from Albertsons Library at Boise State Univerity. Ellie Dworak, Reference Services Coordinator created this design using Adobe Illustrator. Here’s what she has to say about her design:

I created this infographic to outline some key results from our LibQual+ survey.
I was limited to the Boise State University brand colors and typefaces, and I found it fun to try and add some pizazz within those constraints. I did this by using blocks of color, a few strategically placed illustrations, and varying the size of the text. The process was also interesting because I had to think about what numbers would be interesting/important to students and other viewers. It wasn’t super easy to find the sweet spot where the graphic presented interesting information in a positive light, but weren’t cherry picking only the positive results. Similarly, it was a challenge to find ways to present the data that were simple enough to make sense to the casual viewer in an infographic format, but with enough detail that people who know their statistics could tell what, exactly, was being measured. I also wanted it to be printable on one standard sized (8.5×11) sheet of paper and yet not be too visually busy to communicate the content. I hope I succeeded.

Though I created this graphic, I had a crack consulting team who helped to choose the data to present and commented on the graphics. Thank you to: Mary Aagard, Beth Allen Memo Cordova, and Allison Floyd (all also employed at Albertsons Library, Boise State University).

You can download a PDF version of this infographic on the Librarian Design Share Google Drive.