My library is in the midst of redesigning a number of things, and chief among them are building signs. Directional and informational signs are out of date in need dire need of a cohesive redesign, so I’m taking inspiration from today’s featured design by librarian Lina Rinh. Although currently at North Lake College, Lina designed the following endcap signs for the Hampton-Illinois Branch of the Dallas Public Library using Canva.

We recently rearranged the collection. So for the new arrangement, I created new endcaps that would have the call numbers for each aisle displayed largely, and also to give patrons and staff an idea which aisles have what subjects. I wanted something clean and simple wanting to avoid too much text or colors.

We printed them in black and white on tabloid paper, then pasted them onto colored paper. I would have liked to denote which call numbers corresponded to which subjects. However that would have made the sign more busy and harder to read. Overall, I am happy with the results.

I really appreciate Lina’s minimalist design, clean layout, and cute use of icons. You can see all of the endcaps on Lina’s Canva profile page.