We’ve shared a lot of Canva designs on Librarian Design Share recently, but there are other easy-to-use graphic design sites with pre-made design elements like Piktochart that can help you create great looking posters and advertisements for your library. Kendall Hinesley, Liaison Library & Reference Coordinator at California State University Dominguez Hills, has created some wonderful marketing and outreach materials for her library’s new Co-Lab and Reference Services.

Here’s Kendall describing this fun Co-Lab poster:

This poster is 2ft. by 3ft. and announces the opening of a new high-tech group-study room in the library we are calling the Co-Lab (collaborative lab). We wanted to draw attention to the lab which is in the main lobby of the library, but was in development so long that many students have gotten used to passing by it. The design is intended to show the collaborative and tech aspects of connecting and working together.

She’s also created helpful reference desk signage using Piktochart’s icons and elements:

These two signs are for our Research Help Desk (reference) for times when there is no one at the desk. I wanted something eye catching and to use our school colors, but wanted to make sure that the difference between the two was very noticeable. The red/magenta signals closed, and the yellow signals that while we are not at the desk we are available.

Table tents & monitor cards help complete her well-thought-out reference signage:

These two signs are meant to give point of need help to users. The table tents are spread throughout the library’s study areas, and the monitor cards on affixed to all public computers in the library. The cards are about 6 inches tall, laminated, and attached to the side of the monitor with glue dots. They carry the same theme as the Research Help Desk signage.

Now that you know what’s possible, what can you do with Piktochart?