The Spring semester is like the worst kind of ninja: It hides in the shadows and then BLAMMO, it’s 3/4 over. It may be the first week of April, but if your library is anything like ours, you might already be planning Finals Week outreach and engagement activities for your campus community. With that in mind, today we’re sharing flyers and activities from Jess Burkhardt, Public Services Librarian at the DeSales University Trexler Library. Jess created all of these designs using Adobe Illustrator for Fall 2016 finals week, and is making them available to us all via the Librarian Design Share Google Drive.

We’re providing students with coloring and puzzles and are having a series of small, special events.  I made all the flyers share a similar design so that recognition would be better with students.  The only exception to this rule is the flyer for the library raffle.  We’re raffling off the use of the librarian’s conference room as a study space during finals week.  This has already generated a lot of excitement, and we’re hoping it will increase awareness of our presence on social media as well as bring joy to the students.


I love the common font on all of these flyers, the repeated circle icon image, and the “Fall Finals 2016” tagline at the bottom of every flyer. One other item of note: Jess created all of these icons herself in Illustrator, which is amazing!

All of Jess’ beautiful designs are available on the Librarian Design Share Google Drive as both .png and adaptable Adobe Illustrator files.