Today’s submission is from Ashley Schmidt, who designed these library shelf endcaps while employed at Fort Worth Library. Here’s Ashley in her own words:

I designed these signs for the Central library, our older downtown branch. The current signage says the range of Dewey numbers or range of last names in the sections but there is no clear delineation between when one section ends and another begins. The entire library is 243,777 sq ft and approximately 3/4 of that (85% of the basement level) belongs to Adult Services. It’s difficult at times to help people when they have to walk a block to get back to the Reference Desk if they can’t find items themselves so I created these easy to read and eye catching signs as a way to make it easier for patrons to browse and look for things on their own.

We’ve included just a sampling of Ashley’s designs. You can view the complete run of her endcap signage on the Librarian Design Share Google Drive.