Selling adult reading programs can be a challenge. The demands of family, work, and day-to-day life can easily overpower leisure time that might be spent on reading, and finding the right marketing message to reach this busy audience can be tricky. Earlier this month we received a beautiful and thoughtful design submission from Stephanie Huff, Marketing & Communications Manager at the Wichita Public Library. Her poster and brochure designs highlight this year’s theme for WPL’s Adult Winter Reading Program, “Tour de Wichita: a reading journey,” which incorporates city sites and attractions. It’s a stellar example of community outreach and attractive design.


Here’s Stephanie commenting on her design:

The Wichita Public Library has been offering an Adult Winter Reading Program for more than a decade. Each year it has a theme, and this year we decided to focus it on our community. There has been recent work from groups and individuals here wanting to improve and celebrate our City, so it made sense for the Library is create a local tie-in with this program. Participants are to read different genres, with the genres having been inspired by 15 different local sites and attractions. From the local art museum, botanical garden, university to even City Hall, we worked to include a variety of places and genres to make it a fun way for people to participate – to celebrate the joy of reading AND the sites of our city. Also, with a recent local push to improve bicycle lanes throughout the city, we decided to incorporate that into our program as well, hence the visuals as well as the title itself, Tour de Wichita.

We are working with several of the organizations included in our “reading journey,” many who have contributed passes as part of our grand prize drawing.

I created this artwork in Photoshop. I found inspiration from a poster design I spotted on Pinterest. I have found it very helpful to follow poster design boards there as I can quickly see images I’ve saved for ideas for future design work.