Our libraries all likely have floorplans, maps, and wayfinding signage that we hope will help people get where they need to go once they’re in our building. Some of our libraries have that information online as well. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how some people might need or want to familiarize themselves with a space before entering it. They might be a person with anxiety, neuro-atypical, or someone with sensory sensitivities. As the parent of a 5 year old with sensory sensitivities that feed his anxiety, I like being able to show him photos and maps of new places, or even just describing what we will encounter in a space before we get there. It has a calming effect for both of us: He has a better sense of what he’ll see and experience in a new space, and I know that he will be less scared and anxious.

Today’s designs are very detailed 3D renderings of the Main Library of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in Brazil. Library Manager, Michelângelo Mazzardo Marques Viana, created extremely detailed and quite beautiful 3D floor plans to “indicate library spaces, resources, and services.” You can see an example of the virtual tour below, but I highly recommend visiting the virtual tour website for a complete sense of the detail and effort that went into plotting these library renderings.

3D rendering of the 3rd floor of the Main Library of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS

Here’s Michelângelo in his own words:

PUCRS Main Library “virtual tour” is a set of colored 3D images of library floors, built over the CAD floor plans, designed to promote the collections, spaces, services, resources and equipment available in PUCRS Main Library, aiming to improve the users’ experience. You can choose the floor to view by the top menu. For each floor you can see its 3D image and a caption listing spaces, resources and services available in the floor, and also current photographs, highlighting the spaces and equipment available.

Michelângelo used a combination of Adobe Fireworks, Google SketchUp, DWGSee PRO, and Notepad++ to create this virtual tour. You can contact him for more details, or again, visit the Virtual Tour.