We can’t really call the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education new anymore, but lots of us still need help in understanding what it all means.  And if we librarians need help, imagine how our students are feeling about the whole thing! The librarians at the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library at Bucknell University are working to make this easier on all of us with a series of posters about each frame.


Jill Hallam-Miller, Blended Learning Librarian, explains:

Over the summer, Nancy Frazier, Instructional Services Librarian, invited Ben Hoover, Evening Library Services Specialist, and [myself], to collaborate with her on the design of a series of posters related to the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Our goal in designing the posters was to make the Framework accessible to students by creating visually attractive posters that would get students thinking about information literacy concepts. Today, the posters decorate the walls of our Library Lab, an instruction classroom that moonlights as a group study room.

We knew that we wanted to minimize the amount of text on each poster, but coming up with a design was challenging until Ben suggested that the posters should look like infographics. Although we experimented with creating the posters using free infographics software, concerns about our limited ownership and our inability to share the original files with colleagues outside our institution pushed us in a new direction. We ultimately decided to create our own design using PowerPoint.

When we began the project, we all agreed that Creative Commons licensing for reuse and modification was a top priority. Each of the posters contains a CC-BY-NC-SA license. To make them accessible outside Bucknell, we uploaded the poster files to a LibGuide, which we’ve shared through various listservs, as well as through Twitter and Facebook. The LibGuide has the additional benefit of offering a way for us to use selected posters within other subject and course guides, or as an entire set.

Each eye-catching, easy-to-digest PowerPoint poster is downloadable on the right side of Bucknell’s Libguide (and what an awesome LibGuide it is!).