It seems like this year, more than ever, librarians have truly responded to students’ needs during finals with extended hours, programming, and tips and tricks to survive the stress.

Every spring semester at the MGH Institute of Health Professions, the library co-sponsors activities for students to take study breaks. Librarian Amanda Tarbet created the flyer below using Canva to remind students of library events during finals:

Even Astronauts Take Breaks

Amanda says:

We have coloring, snacks and puzzles. Plus, we tested out some new activities this year including lawn games outside, a game room with board, card and video games, and a movie room where students could watch (public domain) classic films and television shows.

Rather than try to fit the entire schedule on a poster, I opted to make something attention grabbing that would lead people to the list of activities online. The astronaut photo came from NASA’s Project Apollo Archive on Flickr. I cheated a little because, although that’s a play on Neil Armstrong’s quote, that’s actually Buzz Aldrin in the picture.

Elizabeth Tarski McArthur, librarian at Blumberg Memorial Library at Texas Lutheran University, made the following poster with InDesign for their “Long Night Against Procrastination” event at the library, which actually occurs before finals, but helps to prepare students for them:


Elizabeth explains:

The event is held about three weeks before finals, and brings extra reference librarians as well as math, writing and computer science tutors (called CLAs at our school) into the library during late hours to try to help them get things done before the crunch of finals. We left the most of the display up throughout finals, though, to hopefully help students continue to anti-procrastinate.

As you can see, I used a specific article (from our databases!) for the information and just re-purposed it in an easier-to-read style.

Both Amanda and Elizabeth’s displays contain some relevant advice that even librarians can use: it’s OK to be good to ourselves in times of stress. As finals are winding down on most of our campuses, hopefully we can begin to heed these wise words!

Elizabeth’s original InDesign file is available on the Librarian Design Share Google Drive to freely download and modify, and Amanda is available to answer any questions about her Canva design.